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Monthly Hamper is available once every calendar month, by appointment or walk-in.

Monthly Hamper consists of:

  • Box of pantry items; [soups, canned pasta, sauce, dried pasta, canned meat, canned fruit, canned vegetables and more]
  • Milk, Meat, Eggs;
  • Produce; [apples, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, onions]
  • Frozen goods;
  • Bread and Pastries;
  • Household supplies as available;
  • Personal supplies as available.
  • If there are babies on file, we can also include diapers, baby food, and formula as available.

 We ask the following from all clients:

  • Be on time: Please be out front at your appointment time.
  • If you are late: Call us ASAP if you cannot make your appointment time. Hampers are taken apart after 15 minutes past the designated appointment time if we haven’t heard from you. If this happens, you will need to go to the walk-in door instead.
  • If you miss your appointment time without notifying the food bank, you may lose access to appointments and will need to come as a walk-in next time.
  • Walk-ins: Two people allowed in food bank building:  To provide proper social distancing, we are only allowing 2 clients inside the waiting area at a time.


The Edson Food Bank Society:
  • expects all clients and volunteers to always show respect, be truthful and fair in all behavior at Edson Food Bank. 
  • sets a dignified and non-judgmental environment for anyone needing to access food at Edson Food Bank Society. 
  • requires and maintains basic client records that will be stored confidentially.  Data compiled from this information does not disclose information about individual clients, but is needed to ensure our operation is accountable to our donors, funders and the general public.
Failure to meet our expectations will result in suspension of access to the food bank for periods of time.  Repeat offenses will result in longer suspensions.
Any compliments or concerns about Edson Food Bank Society operations should be sent first to the EFB Team —  780-725-3185 (call or text).  If not satisfactorily resolved, then you may contact Edson Food Bank Society at

  • food hampers are provided for a household based on the size of that household. 
  • clients will only be able to access a food hamper on regular open days. In extenuating circumstances, please call 780-723-1350.
To register to obtain food bank service, we require you to:
  1. Phone for an appointment on Mondays (780-725-3185), OR attend in person on TUESDAY morning between 9:00 and 11:00am to 4511 5th Ave. OR Phone for an appointment on Thursdays (780-725-3185), OR attend in person on THURSDAY evening between 6:45pm and 8:00pm to 4511 5th Ave. Advise the welcoming volunteer this is your first time at the food bank.
  2. Complete and bring in the application form 
  3. Bring I.D. for each person in your family.
Note that we sometimes add or substitute food items with what we have available, and don’t always have all the food listed on standing order form.  Food Banks in Canada are approved to distribute food for various periods past their BEST BEFORE dates.

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